Business and sustainability can absolutely co-exist.

We don’t work like most companies.

Ice River Sustainable Solutions believes that how we do business is just as important as the business we do, which is why we only team up with forward-thinking companies that share our sustainability approach. And by keeping business local, we reduce our carbon footprint. Working together with our partners, consumers and communities, we’re leading the way to a greener future.

These ethical partnerships enhance our sustainability strategy.

Ice River Green Bottle 500ml bottle
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Proudly Canadian, our pure, natural spring water is bottled green for a greater purpose. We’re the first beverage company in North America to collect blue box materials to produce our 100% recycled plastic bottles, using no new plastic. And we found a way to develop a green water bottle that utilizes green plastics from soda bottles, which keeps an extra 5 million pounds of plastic out of landfills every year.
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A state-of-the-art plastics recycling facility, Blue Mountain Plastics Recycling (BMPR) is a sister company to Ice River. We buy mixed plastic bales from municipal recycling programs, then separate and sort those materials. The sorted plastic is ground into flakes, washed and purified. We end up with food grade plastic pellets that are used to create new food containers, including our 100% recycled blue and green bottles.
Woman leaning against a bail of green recycled plastic.
Two red plastic deck chairs
A blue plastic Muskoka chair
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We create sustainable outdoor living, made from up to 100% recycled plastic. That means our furniture will never rot, splinter or crack, and can withstand all weather conditions. And because we add an automotive-grade UV stabilizer, our furniture is guaranteed to maintain its beautiful colour for years – no need for staining or painting!

Osprey Organics Logo

Producing products that are good for people and the earth is our passion. We started our farming operation to protect our natural spring water sources by taking agricultural chemicals out of the equation.

Now we run an Ecocert, fully organic farm that grows and processes 3,500 acres of premium organic products and maple syrup, to ensure consumers have healthy options when it comes to deciding what to put on their table. We have great respect for the land, we believe that harvesting the goodness from it should come naturally.

Osprey Farm Sunrise
Lettuce in a Greenlid box. Two carrots on a chopping board.
Greenlid Logo
We develop planet friendly, sustainable products so you can enjoy your good times, guilt free. Our commitment to implementing a circular economy is why we’ve created a revolutionary line of compostable household items that have the least negative impact on our environment. Some of our initiatives include fully compostable bins to dispose of waste in an organically friendly way, completely compostable plant fibre tableware, birch cutlery, bamboo cups, recycled napkins, compostable wheat straws and recycled cardboard coolers. We believe that every small change brings us one step closer to a healthier, more sustainable earth.
BMP Extrusion logo

Blue Mountain Plastics (BMP) Extrusions is a state-of-the-art film extrusion and printing facility developing eco-friendly packaging. So far, we have introduced 20% recycled content into the film we wrap around our cases of water. We’re working towards incorporating even more recycled content into our case wrap by developing new sustainable processes and technologies.

A machine with plastic rolls
Plastic Film Roll
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BMP Packaging manufacturers up to 100% recycled content sheet for clamshells and trays (thermoforming).
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Ice River Sustainable Solutions is a Canadian family-owned company committed to bottling natural spring water, with a focus on sustainability and recycling PET plastic. We work with other businesses to find creative ways to reuse and recycle plastic bottles, producing environmentally friendly packaging and products made from 100% recycled plastic.
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