Innovation, inspired
by nature.

Nature is the ultimate circular economy. Every thing has a purpose and nothing goes to waste. That was our inspiration. And we strive to ensure each piece of plastic remains part of the value chain and out of the environment.

Setting out into uncharted territory, we searched for sustainable packaging options, discovering innovative ways to make the impossible, possible. We learned that recycled PET plastic had the lowest carbon footprint vs. other materials like cartons, glass or aluminum and was by far the safest and most recyclable material available for food and beverage packaging. Then we developed more efficient ways to recycle it, making valuable products out of materials that would otherwise be considered waste.

Revolutionizing the future of plastic.

We’re the first beverage company in North America to build and operate our own recycling facility in a closed loop.

From curbside collection (the blue box), to manufacturing 100% recycled packaging, to bottling natural spring water, then having those bottles collected and returned to us again. That means no new plastic in our bottles.

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Our most memorable achievements.

  • 1995
    Started our family-owned and operated Canadian company
  • 2004
    Opened our first facility in Western Canada to reduce transportation miles and green house gases
  • 2009
    Received CFIA Letter of Non-Objection for the first closed-loop bottle made from 100% recycled PET plastic
  • 2010
    Opened BMP Recycling facility to produce our own food grade resin
  • 2010
    Started operating certified organic farmland
  • 2014
    Developed our 100% recycled PET green bottle
  • 2016
    Welcomed C.R. Plastic Products to our family of companies
  • 2017
    Became zero waste to landfill at all bottling facilities
  • 2018
    Opened BMP Extrusion facility to integrate film production and recycling
  • 2019
    Achieved 20% recycled content into our BMP Extrusion case wrap

Another major milestone

We found a way to recycle the green plastic from soda bottles by developing our own brand Ice River Green Bottle Co. This keeps an additional 5 million pounds of plastic out of landfill each year.

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Ice River Sustainable Solutions is a Canadian family-owned company committed to bottling natural spring water, with a focus on sustainability and recycling PET plastic. We work with other businesses to find creative ways to reuse and recycle plastic bottles, producing environmentally friendly packaging and products made from 100% recycled plastic.
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